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>> 15 August 2010

Come join my community of friends
(and friends of friends of friends of friends...)

Hi ,

I want to invite you to discover Japan Guide Friends, the place for people who like to meet new friends, travel, learn languages, and explore. I think you'll find it very valuable for meeting new people just like you!  Click here to visit.

Why you will love Japan Guide Friends:

  • It's NOT an SNS (e.g., Facebook, MySpace).
    You'll meet new friends, and their friends, and their friends' friends...
  • It's NOT a dating site.
    Sure, you can meet someone special, but it's even more than that.
  • It's friendly.
    Members are well-behaved, and there is no spam and no scam
  • It's international (and in English).
    Members are in 200+ countries, including Japan, China, Korea...
  • I am a member of it.
    And you can meet my friends, and my friends' friends, etc.

Come visit my community, it's free to join, and takes less than a minute to sign up. Just click here:

And of course you're welcome to invite your friends to join WorldFriends as well. This way, I will be able to meet them!

See you soon.
the one

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Stainly Elw invites you to join Pinwall

>> 13 April 2010

Stainly thinks that you might be interested in downloading Pinwall, the new mobile social network application for BlackBerry(R) users.

Where can I get Pinwall?

Best regards,
The Pinwall Team


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>> 23 July 2009

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>> 17 May 2009

Bersama rekan2 di bandara sepinggan...


Kabupaten Berau

>> 8 May 2009

Sungai Segah..


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